Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Noach: Speech like Echad

"Vayehi kol ha-arets safa echat udevarim achadim"
At this time, all humanity had one language and few words (literally: single sayings)

The Dispersed Generation spoke in "single words" -- in speeches imitating the Singular One -- for ECHAD is a name of our God, as in Rabbi Yishmael's exhortation: "Do not pass judgement alone, for there is no single judge but Echad/The One".

In search of God-like power did the builders of the Migdal Bavel/Tower of Babel tresspass into the heavens, seeking by might and altitude to enforce their will upon the Children of Adam and upon the whole Earth. And while this delusion of divinity may have been directed towards the subjugation of those below them, it was by its very nature also a rebellion against the One who Dwells Above.

The cruelty and single-mindedness of the builders of the Bavel Tower are well known, how they allowed workers crushed beneath supports and let the weak and frail fall to their deaths when they could no longer add to the Tower's height.

Those who willed and ordered the Bavel Tower's construction had first settled their people into a valley. This valley in the land of Shin'ar could have been the new humanity's cradle, but instead was turned into a prison. Topography to curtail mobility. A tower for surveillance and military advantage. A single language for thought control.

The Lord God observed all this and wondered: "If this is what the Children of Adam can do to each other, there is no limit to what they, as self-proclaimed gods, could inflict upon the world!"

Therefore did the Singular One divide the human family, multiplying its diversity across the face of the Earth: so that there will always be alternatives -- another path for God's creations to follow and different words for them to speak. For once opened within the mind, the gate to freedom remains always accessible.

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