Thursday, October 16, 2008

1:4:63 The voice of Hashem

When we speak of Moshe Rabeinu, the greatest prophet of all time – we think not only of his cleaving to Hashem, but also of his many struggles – his speech impairment, his striking of the rock, his destruction of the first tablets.  This midrash takes our understanding of Moses even further – even though Moses is our greatest teacher and our greatest prophet, he too started at the beginning.  The midrash quotes Joshua (ha-Kohen) ben Nehemiah about Moses’s novice period in prophecy, stating that Hashem spoke to Moses in Amram’s voice, so as not frighten Moses.

The Divine (and even mere Judaism as a whole) is intimidating – this Midrash advises us to begin slowly, as Moses did.  Only Providence can know how deeply our connection will go.

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