Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sefer Ha-Bloggadah: week 23

This week, with the end of the Second Temple period, we complete Book I! Hadran alach (we will return to you)! Those who are at the NHC Chesapeake Retreat will get to celebrate in person. Next we begin Book II, covering the rabbinic period.

  • Monday - 1:10:9-10 (The Wickedness of Hadrian)
  • Tuesday - 1:10:11-16 (Zion's Precious Children)
  • Wednesday - 1:10:17-20 (The Holy One Mourns; Menahem the Comforter)
  • Thursday - 1:10:21-28 (The Mourners for Zion)
  • Friday - 1:10:29-32 (Since the Temple Was Destroyed; Consolations)
  • Saturday/Sunday - 2:1:1-5 (R. Simeon ben Shetah)

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