Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sefer Ha-Bloggadah: week 28

This week's tragic story has more connection to the scary parts of Purim than the joyful parts. In order not to have the whole long tale on one day, it has been split up. The Hebrew edition makes divisions in the text, but the English edition does not, so I have indicated each section by the name of the martyr. May the decree be turned upside down.

  • Monday - 2:1:174-179 (R. Akiva)
  • Tuesday - 2:1:180 (The Ten Martyrs) - R. Ishmael, R. Shimon ben Gamliel, R. Akiva
  • Wednesday - 2:1:180 (The Ten Martyrs) - R. Hanina ben Teradyon, R. Yehudah ben Bava
  • Thursday - 2:1:180 (The Ten Martyrs) - R. Yehudah ben Dama through the end
  • Friday - 2:1:181-190 (R. Meir, Elisha ben Abuyah (Aher), Beruriah)
  • Saturday/Sunday - 2:1:191-192 (R. Meir, Elisha ben Abuyah (Aher), Beruriah)

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