Sunday, September 7, 2008

1:2:80 – A real shadchen

Just a brief thought, while we await our “official” commentary for the weekend:

The story of Chava (Eve) is a complex one, and one that is often cited (and even more often mis-cited) by those who do not regard women as men’s equal. 

So it is good that the midrash reminds us that Chava’s shadchen (matchmaker) was Hashem (Breishis 2:22): 

ו‍יבן השם אלקים את ה‍צלע אשר לקח מן ה‍אדם ל‍אשה ו‍יבא‍ה אל ה‍אדם

The Lord God brought her to the man.

May the One Above grant us insight to see His actions whenever people are brought together, for He is the true shadchen.  As we learn in Tractate Sota 2a, before we are born, a heavenly voice emerges and calls out “this woman to this man.”

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