Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sefer Ha-Bloggadah: week 6

Another week, another generation. This week (covering Genesis 32 to 41) will be lighter than usual due to Rosh Hashanah. May 5769 be a good and sweet year for everyone!

  • Monday/Tuesday - 1:3:75-82 (Jacob, Esau, and the Angels)
  • Wednesday/Thursday - 1:3:83-87 (Jacob, Esau, and the Angels; The Portions of Jacob and Esau; Rebekah's Death and Rachel's Burial)
  • Friday - 1:3:88-93 (The House of Jacob and the House of Esau; Joseph and His Brothers; The Going Down of Judah)
  • Saturday/Sunday - 1:3:94-102 (Joseph in Egypt; Joseph before Pharaoh)

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