Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sefer Ha-Bloggadah: week 15

From anarchy to monarchy. We go from the everyone-for-him/herself period of the Judges to the reigns of Saul and David, and a little bit about Solomon. A key to understanding this week's aggadot: since the book of Psalms is ascribed to David, just about any line from Psalms can be construed as something that David said. (We'll see the same thing next week with the books ascribed to Solomon.)
  • Monday - 1:6:71-80 (King Saul; The Death of Saul) - see I Samuel 9-15, 28-31
  • Tuesday - 1:6:81-84 (David the Shepherd; David and the Works of the Lord) - see I Samuel 16-21
  • Wednesday - 1:6:85-92 (David's Harp; David's Sin and Repentance; David's Humility)
  • Thursday - 1:6:93-99 (David and Abner; David and Israel's Enemies; David and His Son Absalom) - see I Samuel 26, II Samuel 2, 8, 13-15
  • Friday - 1:6:100-104 (David and Ishbi-benob; David's Death) - see II Samuel 21
  • Saturday/Sunday - 1:6:105-110 (The Wisdom and Greatness of King Solomon) - see I Kings 3-5

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