Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sefer Ha-Bloggadah: week 1

It all begins tomorrow!

We begin with a general introduction to aggadah.

  • Monday: Book 1, Chapter 1, aggadot 1-12 (The Meaning of Aggadah and the Parable)
  • Tuesday: aggadot 13-27 (The Meaning of Aggadah and Halachah)

Then we'll go on to aggadot on the narratives in the Torah, starting at the very beginning. Recommended background reading: Genesis 1.

  • Wednesday: Book 1, Chapter 2, aggadot 1-12 (The Creation of the World)
  • Thursday: aggadot 13-20 (Heaven and Earth)
  • Friday: aggadot 21-25 (The Light)
  • Saturday/Sunday: aggadot 26-35 (The Water; Grasses and Trees)

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Robert said...

An idea: create a Google calendar with the daily sections. Then people could subscribe to the calendar, and have the sections listed on their own calendars.

Of course, this will take some work. But it would be very helpful.